How can I change my Wix booking engine color?

Customizing your booking engine's color

Double click on your booking engine for the Futurestay editor to appear.

Scroll down until you see the section "Display Settings."

Find the section, "Background Color" and click the drop-down arrow:

A scrolling list of colors will appear. Select the color you want.

Then click, "Save App Settings" to see your changes apply.

Change Booking Engine Color Using Futurestay Dashboard

Click the button "View All Display Options"

(If you are already logged into Futurestay), your booking engine view will appear:

To change your booking engine colors, click the third menu, "Color & Style Settings."

The side-panel will expand so you can make customizations:

Scroll down the panel until you find the section, "Color Settings." Here is where you can adjust your booking engine colors.

Click the blue "Save Changes to My Website" button. You can now see your changes applied to your booking engine.

Repeat this process if you want to update the font, shape, and transparency for your booking engine.

Changes will automatically update to your WIX website.

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