What does "Going Live" mean?

Understanding your Getting Started checklist

If you get to Step 4 of your Getting Started Checklist you'll see that there's a section called, "Go Live."

To go live, your Connection Specialist will review your account. They'll confirm that you've completed all the mandatory fields and that you've approved your information. They may follow up through email with any questions or ask to schedule a call with you.

After a final review, your account/properties can be live when:

⁠— Your new listings on HomeAway, Airbnb, and Booking.com are opened and connected to Smart Connections™

⁠— When your Smart Connections™ are "ON" and your calendars are synced in real-time

⁠— When you're successfully published your website and booking engine

"Live" means that you can start accepting bookings and that guests will be able to find your properties online.

Note: Nothing will go live or turn on until you've completed your checklist, given your approval, and completed a final review with your Connection Specialist.

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