How do I show more of my calendar's availability on my website?

Showing more than the default availability for your calendar tiles...

Log into your Futurestay Dashboard and hover over "Web Builder" in your navigation menu. Select "Build" from the drop-down menu.

When your web-builder opens, click on the second tab named "Pages and Tiles." 

Select the page with your property availability from the list. Click on the grey pencil icon to open the page.

When the page opens, scroll all the way to the bottom and click to expand the settings. Find the section that says "Months Shown." 

This is the drop-down that lets you choose how many months of availability you would like to show to your guests. Click the drop-down to update your selection: 

Click "save changes" for your updates to apply to your website.


Reach out to your Connection Specialist through any of these methods if you have any other questions.

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