Introducing Your Reservations Report

The new Reservations Report of your Dashboard Financials

Your Reservations Report can be found in your Dashboard navigation under "Financials."

What does my Reservations Report show me?

Your Reservations Report shows your reservation information processed by Smart Connections™ for a given time period.

In the closed state, your table includes:

  • RSVP number (which links to the Reservation Details page)
  • Property ID (PID) (and full property name upon hover)
  • The date the reservation was booked
  • The reservation source
  • Stay dates, guest name, and reservation status
  • Total amount for the reservation (with a "manage" button that appears on hover to take you to the Reservation Details page)

To get a detailed breakdown of your reservation's total amount, click to expand the row.

Your inner panel details include taxes and fees, the nightly rate total for the stay, additional operating costs, the payout amount you can expect to receive, and the transfer date for the payout amount.

Can I filter information on my Reservations Report?

Yes, you can select dates to filter reservation results going back to February 4, 2020.

You can also use the search bar to search for a specific reservation by RSVP, PID, and guest name.

Why can't I see my Reservations Report?

If you see this view, it means you don't have any reservations yet. Once you have your first booking, you'll see that your Reservations Report becomes available.


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