What is per guest pricing?

The ability to set per guest pricing on Booking.com

Futurestay has launched a new pricing feature that allows you to set custom per guest pricing for properties connected to Booking.com Smart Connections™.

This means you can charge an additional amount for guests over X-number, or discount your nightly rate for groups smaller than X-number.

At present, this new feature will only apply to Booking.com Smart Connection™ pricing. It will not translate to website or other listing site pricing.

When do I use per guest pricing? 

Having additional guests in your property beyond X-number could increase wear-and-tear, the number of amenities you would have to supply, and/or make for more cleaning post-stay.

Charging an additional amount for guests over X-amount, can help off-set such costs.

If you have a larger property with open availability, you may attract small groups of guests who wouldn't normally book, by offering them a discounted rate, depending on the number of people in their party.

This allows you to fill your availability and attract new types of guests to your property.

How do I set per guest pricing? 

Set your maximum occupancy – the number of guests who can stay at your property – to unlock per guest pricing. Once you do, you can set one of these options: 

  • Increase amount – To charge an additional amount to your nightly rate, for guests over X-number
  • Decrease amount – Subtract X-amount from your nightly rate for smaller groups of guests

For example, if I wanted to charge an additional $20 for each guest after 5 guests, I would use the “increase amount” setting.

Use the “decrease amount” if you have a reservation for X-number of guests or fewer. For example, subtract $20 per night (from the nightly rate), for guests of 3 or fewer.

How do I update my maximum occupancy? 

If you need to update your maximum you can do so within your Property Details page.

Please note, if you update your maximum occupancy, some of your per guest rates may not apply, and will not be used.

How does per guest pricing interact with my seasonal/holiday/custom rate settings? 

Per guest pricing will apply on top of your nightly rate, before any seasonal/holiday/or custom Rate Board pricing.

What if I don't want to use per guest pricing anymore? How do I remove it? 

If you're no longer interested in offering per guest pricing for your Booking.com rates, go back to the first selection and click "Don't apply per guest rates." 

This will remove per guest rates from your pricing. If you have any holiday/seasonal pricing set, this will now apply.

Have any questions? 

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