Introducing Noise Control Alerts

Futurestay and NoiseAware have partnered to provide automatic Noise Control Alerts

Futurestay is partnered with NoiseAware, the leading smart noise monitoring solution, to allow you to control noise volume for your properties and automatically notify guests via SMS.  

The Noise Control Alerts feature will help you protect your rentals against damage and resolve problems easily.

Noise Control Alerts are automatic SMS messages that are sent to guests to remind them to keep their volume down. This saves you time and energy from contacting guests directly to ask them to lower their volume.

You can turn on your NoiseAware Noise Control Alerts from your Futurestay Blueprint page.

How do I get Noise Control Alerts? 

For Noise Alerts to work, you must have a NoiseAware noise monitor installed within your property. This noise monitor detects when guests are too loud.

To get a noise monitor for your property, complete the information within your NoiseAware Dashboard so the monitor can be shipped to your property.

In Futurestay, your properties must be powered by Smart Connections™ in order for your messages to be automated. Once your Smart Connections™ are turned on, and your noise monitor installed on the property, you'll have automated alerts.

What does property Matching Mean?

Futurestay automatically matches the properties you have in NoiseAware to the properties in Futurestay. If there are any properties that we could not match automatically, you'll see the "Confirm Matches" alert on your Blueprint page: 

Clicking this alert will open the property matching tool, where you can select which property from NoiseAware matches the property in Futurestay.

Confirming your matches allows Futurestay to finish the connection that powers your noise alerts.

I finished my property matching, but I think I made a mistake. How do I go back? 

If you've successfully matched your properties and you have any questions or need to make changes, you can reach out to your Connection Specialist via phone, chat, or email.

Do I have to write my Noise Alert messages?

You do not have to configure any settings for noise alerts. Messages are preset and follow the noise limits you set for your property within NoiseAware. All you have to do is have a live Smart Connection™ to power the messages.

You can see the alert messages within the Noiseaware settings from your Blueprint page.

How many alerts does the guest get?

The guest will receive two notifications if they are consistently noisy. The first message is sent 15-minutes after they cross the noise threshold for your property.

If the noise continues for another 15-minutes, then they are sent a follow up message.

If the noise continues for another 15-minutes, then you are sent a notification of the guests continual noise. It is up to you how you would like to proceed. No further messages will be automated at this point.

What happens if the guest lowers their volume?

If the guest lowers their volume after being notified, they will not receive any other SMS messages.

How do I know if a guest has been notified via SMS?

You can see a log of the SMS messages within your Reservation Details page.

I have a question about my NoiseAware monitor in my property

If you need help with the hardware that is in your property, you can reach out to the NoiseAware team at 888-847-5538.

I have a question about Noise Alerts and Futurestay

If you have any questions not covered in this article, please reach out to your Connection Specialist.

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