Introducing Your New Financials

Introducing the Payout Report in your new Financials

Futurestay users with U.S.-based bank accounts will have access to a new Financials tab in your main navigation, with your new payout report.

What does my payout report show me? 

Your payout report shows the payout totals for reservations processed by Smart Connections™.

In the closed view, you'll see the payout date, payout total, and number of RSVPs for a given payout.

To see more details, click to expand the row of your table.

Within the inner panel, you'll see the guest details, source, RSVP number, payout type (refund, full payment, deposit payment, or balance payment), and the amount.

Can I filter information on my payout report? 

Yes, you can filter based on source and date range. By default, your table will show 3 months worth of data. If you'd like to see more, select a new date range.

You can also use the search bar to find a particular reservation or amount.

Note: Your reservations report only contains information for payouts as of February 3, 2020.

Why can't I see my payout report? 

If you see this view, it means you haven't been paid yet. Once you've been paid by Futurestay for the first time, your payout report will become available.


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