How do I cancel a reservation?

Cancelling a reservation

If a guest reaches out that they would like to cancel their reservation, here is what to do.

How to Cancel a Booking.com Reservation

You can cancel and refund reservations from within your Futurestay Dashboard with the exception of Booking.com.

For Booking.com reservations, the guest must request to cancel through Booking.com (as specified in their automatic reservation confirmation email).

A guest can do this by logging into their Booking.com and clicking "cancel" on the reservation or by calling the Booking.com Customer Support number.

Once Booking.com cancels the reservation, Futurestay will be notified to process the refund. Both you and the guest will automatically be notified that the reservation was successfully cancelled and a refund is being processed. There is nothing you need to do.

Your availability will automatically reopen once the reservation is cancelled, and a refund will be processed in-line with your cancellation policy rules. If the guest is owed a refund, it takes 7-10 business days to process back to them.

How to Cancel an Airbnb Reservation

Cancel the reservation directly within your Airbnb Host account. Once you do, Futurestay will automatically update and remove the reservation from your calendars.

How to Cancel Direct and Vrbo Reservations

To cancel a direct, Vrbo/HomeAway, or Airbnb reservation, log into your Dashboard and go to your Reservations Page.

Search for the reservation by RSVP number or guest name.

Once you find the reservation, click the blue "Edit" button. The reservation details page will open.

On the right-hand corner of the screen, click the red "Cancel" button. This will automatically open the availability on your calendar, and notify the automatic email to both you and the guest, that the reservation was successfully cancelled.

Then use the blue "Manage Transaction" button, to refund the guest. Once you set the amount to refund, Futurestay will automatically process this back to the guest.

My Manage Transaction Button Isn't Working

If you click "Manage transaction" and the refund window does not open for you, that means the reservation is past your cancellation period, and the guest is not entitled to a refund. At this point, your earnings for a reservation have been released to your bank account.

If, for whatever reason, you would still like to refund an amount to the guest, please reach out to your Connection Specialist. Let them know the reservation number and amount that you would like to refund. They will share the refund amount with our financial team who will initiate the refund for you.


If you have any questions about these steps, reach out to your Connection Specialist and they will be happy to help you.

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