How do I respond to guests?

Answering guest questions

With Futurestay, you never have to log into a Booking.com, HomeAway, or a VRBO account. All of your reservation, guest information, and payment details are found in Futurestay.

If a guest inquiries about your property on HomeAway, VRBO, or Booking.com, their message will automatically go to your email.

To reply, click "reply" as you would with any other email. Your answer will go directly to the guest's email and that is how you can respond to inquiries. Do not click the blue button in the body of the email.

For Airbnb, log into your Airbnb account and use the message center like normal.

Extra Communications

Smart Connections™ automatically send communications on your behalf. These communications include confirmation of stay, check-in details, payment status, etc.

If you would like to send your guests any additional emails, here is where to find their contact information.

  1. Log into your Dashboard
  2. Go to the second menu tab named, Reservations
  3. Search your reservations table by typing the guest name
  4. The guest's reservation will appear. Click the blue "Edit" button
  5. Select the email and phone number from the "Guest Details" section
  6. Type an email or call the guest to follow-up with any additional information

Note: It is not necessary to send additional communications. Your guest will have all of the information needed for their stay in the Smart Connection communications.

Does Futurestay have in-app chat messaging?

At this time, Futurestay does not provide in-app chat messaging.

Can I customize my automated Smart Connection™ Emails?

Use the "Guest Check-in Details" section in your property's Details and Description.

You can paste a welcome message, information, or any other custom content. You can also tell the guest when to expect any additional communications, if you would like to follow up a few days before their stay.

This information will go to the guest in the Smart Connection™ emails.


Note: The Futurestay team takes note of all important features that will assist with seamlessly connecting your business.

If you have any additional feedback for the team, or would like to participate in the BETA versions of new product features, please reach out to your Connection Specialist.

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