Getting Started: Step 3

How to select your Smart Connections™ using the Connections Page

With Futurestay's Connections Page, it's easier than ever to select your Smart Connections™ and see their connection status.

Your Connections Page

Your Connections page shows the properties that you imported from Step 1 of your Getting Started Checklist.

If you have not completed Step 2 of your Getting Started Checklist, your property will have a button under the name that says "Complete Review." Click this button to go to review your property.

Select Your Connections

To select your connections, click on the property row that you would like Connections for.

A drop-down will appear. This is where you select what type of connection you need.

Select from the following dropdown: 

  1. Connect an existing listing
  2. Connect a new listing
  3. I don't want a connection

Connect a new listing

If you do not have a property on the listing sites and you would like Futurestay to build you a new listing, select this option.

Futurestay will use the information, rates, and rules that you set up with your Getting Started Checklist to build you a new listing that is powered by Smart Connections™.

Connect an existing listing

If you already have a listing on Airbnb, Vrbo, or Booking.com, paste the guest-facing link in the field that appears. Futurestay will use that link to connect to the existing listing and turn on Smart Connections™.

For Booking.com, please also provide the Accommodation ID for the listing.

I don't want a connection

If you do not want a Smart Connection™ for a specific property or listing site, select "I don't want a connection." 

If you change your mind, you can always come back to this property and select "Connect." This will re-open the dropdown and allow you to select what type of connection you want.

Connection In Progress

Once you've selected your connection type and saved, you will see that the listing sites that you've requested connections for change to a blue "In Progress" state.

This means that our team has received your request. You will see the "In Progress" state on your table, as our team works to turn on your connection for each property.

If your connection is "In Progress" there is nothing else you have to do. If our team needs any additional information from you, they will reach out to you through phone or email.

Connection Live

Your Smart Connections™ are live when they change from "In Progress" to "Connected." 

You can also refer to the last column of your matrix to see how many of the connections are live, in progress, or not connected.


If you have any other questions about your Connection Matrix please reach out to your Connection Specialist through any of these methods.

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