Building Cancellation Policies in Futurestay

How Futurestay cancellation policies translate across channels

Futurestay's cancellation policy builder allows you to set a cancellation policy per property and translate it across listing sites.

When building your cancellation policy, you can select:

  • If the payment is charged in full or deposit (30% or 50%), at the time of booking
  • If the payment is refundable
  • When the guest is no longer entitled to a refund
  • If a free 24-hour cancellation period applies to your cancellation policy

How does my Futurestay cancellation policy translate to listing sites?

Based on your selections, your cancellation policy will translate to listing sites in the following way: 

For example, if you select a refundable payment to be charged 60 days before arrival, that would translate to a "Super Strict 60" policy on Airbnb and a "Strict" policy on Vrbo.

This table is helpful if you are trying to recreate existing policies in Futurestay. If you're building your policies for the first time in Futurestay, you can use this table as reference for how your Futurestay selection applies to listing site cancellation policies.


If you're building your cancellation policy and need help with your selections, reach out to your Connection Specialist through phone or chat.

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