Building A Team in Futurestay

Understanding permission levels for your team roles

With Futurestay's new team permissions, you can now invite individuals to your Dashboard.

Team Roles and Permissions

There are seven roles with varying permissions that can be used to build your team. The roles are: 

  1. Business owner
  2. Business partner
  3. Property manager
  4. Reservation manager (guest contact)
  5. Homeowner (with editing permissions)
  6. Homeowner (with view only permissions)
  7. Staff

You can also assign specific properties to your team members, or give access to all properties (meaning any properties at the time you invite them, and any new properties added in the future).

Role Permissions for Your Futurestay Dashboard

The below table allows you to see team member's access to different information within your Dashboard. The permissions/access for a role are preset and cannot be customized at this time.

Business Owner

Business owners have full access to the Dashboard and communications. Business owners can invite, update, and delete members on the team page. There is only one business owner for a Futurestay Dashboard.

If you would like to assign the business owner role to someone else on your team, please reach out to your Connection Specialist and they will do this for you.

When a new person is assigned the business owner role, they will have access to all properties in the Dashboard. Any prior property assignments/limitations will be removed. 

The previous business owner will automatically be assigned the second highest level, the business partner. If you would like them to be assigned a different role, you can select it yourself via your team page.

Business Partner

Business partners are equal to the business owner in permissions. Since there can only be one business owner per account, the business partner permission allows your team to have as much access to information as the business owner role.

There can be an unlimited number of business partners. Business Partners can help manage, delete, and invite team members, but cannot delete or reassign the business owner role.

Team members who have access to the team page can create, manage, and delete business partners. Any existing users upgraded to the business partner role, will have full access to all of the properties for an account.

Property Manager

Property managers are the third highest team role. They can see the same account-level views as the business owner with the exception of editing the Dashboard currency and financial notifications for the account.

Property Managers can also help manage, delete, and invite team members to the Dashboard.

Reservations Manager

The reservation's manager has editing access to the reservation's table and calendar.

This role allows them to assist with any guest questions, as they have view-only access to property information, Rateboard pricing, and the guest-facing website.

Home Owner (with editing permissions)

This role allows you to invite a home owner to collaborate on a property's information and rates.

This role will have editing access to properties assigned to their account for the Property pages and Rateboard. They can also view the reservations for their assigned properties.

Home Owner (view-only)

This role allows you to invite home owners to view property information, pricing, and reservations, but they cannot make any changes to the information for their assigned properties.


Staff members have view-only access to the reservation's table and information. This team role is helpful for cleaning crews who would want to see turnover schedules and prepare for the next guests.


If you have any questions not covered in this article, reach out to your Connection Specialist via chat, phone, or email for assistance.

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