Best practices for using turnover blocks, check-in customizations, and more

Best practices to keep in mind when customizing your check-in settings

With Futurestay's check-in and check-out day settings, you can customize the days that you accept guests checking in and out. This is perfect if you have a specific turnover schedule or requirements for the property.

By default, guests will be able to check in any day of the week.

If you don't want to include days for check-in and check-out, click to remove them.

You will notice that if you uncheck 3 or more days, you will get a warning message.

This is because you're limiting the opportunities for guests to check-in or out, which may reduce the amount of bookings you may get.

You can save your customization, but be aware that it may impact your booking opportunities.

Adding Turnover Blocks

Turnover blocks automatically add a turnover block to your reservations. You can add a turnover block for 24, 48, or 72 hours.

This allows you to have dedicated time to clean and prepare the property without any new bookings coming in during that time.

Turnover blocks will appear on your reservations calendar attached to the reservation: 

If you change your turnover block, the turnover blocks on your calendar will be updated automatically.

Note: If a turnover block is extended and conflicts with the start time of a reservation, the full turnover period will not apply.

What do guests see if I have a turnover block? 

Guests will not be able to check-in during your turnover block period. The turnover blocks on your guest-facing calendar will appear unavailable when searching dates.

When guest search your availability, they will only be able to select the dates that align with your check-in and check-out rules, minimum/maximum stay length requirements, and availability (excluding turnover block days).


If you have any additional questions about turnover and check-in rules, please reach out to your Connection Specialist.

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