Accidentally Clicking a Smart Connection™

Clicking a Smart Connection™ from "OFF" to "Pending" means that your Rental Adviser was notified that you're like a Smart Connection™ for a specific listing site. 

If you clicked a Smart Connection™ to "Pending" by accident, don't worry. Send your Rental Adviser a message and let them know that you do not want the connection. 

They will make a note in your account and nothing will turn "ON" or go live. The button for this connection will stay as, "Pending."

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind and are ready to move forward with the Smart Connection™, reach out to your Rental Adviser and let them know. 

Your Rental Adviser will review your account and let you know what they need for your Smart Connections to go Live. 

You will receive an email or phone confirmation, letting you know that your Connections are Live. 

How do I know if my Smart Connections™ are Live?

Your Dashboard will also reflect that your Smart Connections™ are Live. Your Smart Connection™ switch will change from "Pending" to "0." 

As you get reservations powered by Smart Connections™ you will see the zero update to reflect the number of bookings/inquiries you have received. 

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