Note: Manually building a property
only applies if your property doesn't appear anywhere on the internet and it doesn't have a URL for Futurestay's Property Import tool. 

If you're not sure, reach out to one of our Connection Specialists and they will help you. 


First, log in to Futurestay. 

Click on the third menu tab named, "Properties." 

This page will open: 

Click on the purple "+Add Property" button and select "Add Manually" from the drop down. 

The screen will change to this view, which is your property page. 

Follow your property checklist on the left. Input your information for each section, saving as you go. 

When your property checklist is complete, your menu will look like this:  

The "Review Complete" will turn blue. Click it to mark that you have completed manually building your property. 

Now that you've added your property continue to Step 3 of your Getting Started Checklist. 

If you need any help, you can reach out to your Connection Specialist here

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