Sign up and follow the WIX instructions to select your website template. 

When you've selected your website template, it will open in the WIX editor. Here is what your page would look like when your editing your template.

How to Add Futurestay as Your Booking Engine

Look to the left-hand side of your screen. Hover over the forth icon. The title, "Add App" will appear. Click it. 

Once you click "Add App" WIX's App Store will open/expand and you will see this screen: 

Go to the search bar and type: Futurestay

Click enter on your keyboard to get the search result. 

Click the blue button that says, "+ Add to Site." 

A confirmation window will pop-up asking you if you want to add the Futurestay Booking Engine. Click " + Add App."

A confirmation window and animation will appear as your booking engine is added to your WIX website. 

Click the blue button titled, "Get Started." 

You will now be back on your website template. The booking engine that is on your page is placeholder content. It is not live. 

Customize Your Booking Engine 

To customize your booking engine, double click the blue button of "Demo Mode." 

A pop-up window will appear.

This is where you create your free Futurestay Account and customize the styling of your Booking Engine. 

When you click, "Create Your Free Account" Futurestay's sign up will appear. 

Input your information and click the blue, "Create Free Account."

Two actions will happen:

  1. The sign up form will change and log you into Futurestay.
  2. The pop-up on your WIX will change so you can customize your booking engine. 

View One: Futurestay Dashboard

Now that you've created a Futurestay account, one of the views on your screen is the Futurestay Dashboard. 

Here is where you can customize your booking engine layout.

View Two: Futurestay in WIX 

This window allows you to stay within your WIX website editor and customize your booking engine. 

The first section named, "Account Settings" allows you to set your booking engine's currency, language, and title. Complete the other fields as directed. 

The next section is your booking engine display settings. Here is where you can change the color and fonts for your booking engine. 

Move the window and click the grey button that says, "Save my Settings" to apply and view your changes. 

Publish Your WIX Website

Your Futurestay-powered booking engine is live and active once you finish and publish your WIX website. 

If you'd like to customize your booking engine even more, click here to learn how to change the booking engine layout. 

If you have any questions or need any help go here.

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