Futurestay’s technology is named “Smart Connections.™” 

With Futurestay, your direct website, listings on the internet, calendars, reservations, and property information is stored in one location (your Dashboard) and powered by Smart Connections™. 

You set your rules and information in Futurestay and Smart Connections™ follow them. Smart Connections™: 

Provide real-time calendar sync and instantly update your listings everywhere
    they are listed.

Connect your properties to sites like HomeAway/VRBO, Booking.com, Airbnb, and

Accept and process reservations on your behalf:
     If a credit card fails, Smart Connections™ track it down, run it again, and let you and
     the guest know that it was successful.

     If a guest adds or subtracts dates to their stay, Smart Connections™ will calculate
     the changes, collect or refund the guest, and notify both you and the guest of the
     reservation status.

     Calculates and pays channel commissions on your behalf.
     And more!

Sends email communications to the guest:
     Including welcome emails
     Reservation details
     Payment status

Allow you to run your business from a single piece of software
Allow you to develop your brand and expand your direct bookings
And more!  

Read here to learn how to turn on your Smart Connections™.  

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